Why Choose Organic After-Sun Skincare?

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From backyard cookouts to beachside happy hours, Fourth of July weekend is a popular time to spend outside with friends and family, soaking up that glorious sunshine. But chances are, many people will wake up the next morning with painful sunburns all over their bodies from too much UV exposure and not enough—or the wrong type of—sun protection.

The fact is we often forget to take the right precautions for our skin whenever we’re outside, or we just don’t bother because we’d rather “get tan” instead of cover ourselves properly. When taking these risks though, we’re putting our skin in direct contact with harmful UV radiation which doesn’t just cause sunburns, blisters and temporary discomfort, but long-term damage that some of us might not even be aware of.

There are two kinds of ultraviolet light—UVA and UVB. Both are invisible to the naked eye because their wavelengths, measured from the sun’s surface to the earth’s atmosphere, are shorter than light on the visible electromagnetic spectrum. Because we don’t notice them, the effects of UV rays are often ignored, but unhealthy exposure can lead to premature aging, cataracts and other eye issues, altered skin DNA, weakened immune function and various forms of skin cancer—including the most dangerous, melanoma which causes about 8,000 fatalities in the United States each year.

Due to these risk factors, sun protection is absolutely crucial for all outdoor activities. But don’t just settle for any mass-market SPF on the cosmetic aisle. These products are manufactured with toxic chemicals and other artificial ingredients that are too harsh for the skin and don’t offer an effective amount of coverage. When it comes to shielding your skin from UV radiation, organic sun-care is the most beneficial option. Choose a product with therapeutic-grade essential oils and nontoxic ingredients that come straight from nature.

At PHbotanical, we handcraft our After-Sun care products in small batches from certified organic ingredients that are gentle, restorative, nourishing and safe for all skin types—even the most sensitive. The After-Sun care line contains organic aloe vera hydroflorial, shea butter, bees wax, babassu, kuki nut oil, vegetable glycerin, organic avocado oil, organic pomegranate oil, organic carrot oil and organic extracts of chamomile, green tea and arnica. The following is a breakdown of the skincare benefits found in each of these ingredients.

  • Aloe Vera Hydroflorial: soothes and heals the redness from sunburns and blocks 20% of sunlight from penetrating the skin
  • Shea Butter: moisturizes flaky, dried out or irritated skin and contains anti-inflammatory properties which stimulate healing
  • Bees Wax: contains anti-allergenic and antioxidant properties to boost the immune system which UV rays can deteriorate
  • Babassu: relieves sunburn itching and inflammation with its natural cooling benefits
  • Kuki Nut Oil: absorbs into the skin’s deepest layers to create a barrier between the skin cells and UV environmental factors
  • Vegetable Glycerin: contains humectant properties to enhance healthy aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Avocado Oil: forms a thick defensive seal around the skin with its high concentration of mono-saturated fats
  • Pomegranate Oil: boosts sun protection by 20% with its free radical-fighting polyphenols
  • Carrot Oil: contains the mineral zinc which provides broad-spectrum shield around the skin and alleviates redness or irritation
  • Chamomile Extract: soothes itching or inflammation and protects the skin from environmental stressors that cause aging
  • Green Tea Extract: increases the skin membrane’s thickness to block UV penetration
  • Arnica Extract: cools down inflamed skin to promote sunburn healing and reduce the risk of flakiness or blisters from developing

We want you to indulge in the outdoor festivities this Fourth of July without stressing about whether or not your skin is in danger of UV exposure. Let us take care of the guesswork for you, and lather up with our deep healing organic After-Sun care products. After all, when it comes to maximum sun protection, your skin deserves the best—and safest—option available!

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