Here’s what people are saying about our products…

I bought the (Wild Spirit Sage) face cream, can I have more! ~ Myron S. (Nashville, TN)

Love the lip balm. ~ Jo Ellen M. (Sarasota, FL)

I use your cream every night! Love it. ~ Laurie H. (Sarasota, FL)

I loved the products!” I bought the Face Cream, Face Mist and Face Serum!!!!! ~ Sandra B. (Sarasota, FL)

I really appreciated the time you took explaining about all the wonderful products. I’ll be back for more. ~ Pamela Y. (Ohio)

My wife and I like the Face Wash Wild Spirit Sage. ~ Bill M. (Sarasota, FL)

I bought your face cream when I was in Sarasota and I love it..everyone is telling me I look younger. I bought all of these products from Saks when I walked out I saw your store and bought your (Island Romance) face cream. I just want you to know, I don’t use the ones I bought from Saks, ONLY PHbotanical, my friend from Holland loves it too! ~ Jill R. (Canada)

I love the Wild Spirit Sage Face serum and the Black Rose Mint Face wash! ~ Jennifer M. (Venice, CA)

This is incredible face cream. ~ Susan M. (NYC)

PHbotanical’s Cast Irion Skillet Cleanser Rocks! I cook almost exclusively with cast iron and this is a wonderful product… Looking forward to trying more. ~ Keith E. (Los Angeles, CA)

I used the Island Romance Face wash, mist and Face cream. It really does make my face look healthy and soft and younger. ~ Kathy G. (Sarasota, FL)

My daughter and I love your products! ~ Susan M. (Bradenton, FL)

We like the Face wash. ~ Donald F. (Venice, FL)

I bought some stuff from you and I love it! ~ Jenifer C. (Wisconsin)

I love the lip balm and Island Romance Body wash. ~ Becky O. (Oklahoma)

I have to get more of your Body Wash, really like it and the face serum! ~ Marsha S. (Bradenton, FL)

I love the Lip Balm. ~ Jill P. (Cape Cod, MA)

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