Gulf Coast Salt Face Care Travel Kit


Samples, for travel or a gift. Made with organic locally harvested sea salt from the Gulf of Mexico, Florida. Sea salt with it’s many minerals of magnesium, calcium, and the nutrients have a calming & balancing effect and improve hydration, strengthen the protective barrier of our skin. Our bodies contain the same concentration of minerals and nutrients as sea water, so it’s no wonder that sea salt is a natural ally to balance, protect, and restore the body and skin.

Face Care Kit contains: Conveniently sized samples 1oz Face Wash, 1oz Face Mist, 1oz Face Cream, .05oz Face Serum, 1oz Face Clay, 0.15oz Lip Balm.


A travel size or sample size skin care kit.

Our products are made without harsh chemicals so please use extra care with items that can become exposed to contaminants by not properly applying with a clean spatula or wooden applicator stick. Store in a cool area away from light.
Use and Ingredients: See each regular sized item for use, detailed information and its.

Face Wash
A rich lather that leaves skin clean and soft.

Face Mist
A face mist sprayed lightly over face as a toner, or as a refresher even over makeup.

Face Cream
Luxuriously rich face cream moisturizer that leaves the skin soft and hydrated.

Face Serum
This deeply rich serum is another way to deliver the nutrients and antioxidants to the skin.

Face Clay
I use face clay once a week to take out any impurities in my skin making it feel soft and clean. I also mix it with the face wash to make a scrub. For normal and mature skin.

Use: Once a week, add Face Clay to clean water and blend together. Apply to a cleansed face as a mask, let dry to pull out impurities and tone the skin then rinse well with water and dry.
Ingredients: Gulf Coast Salt, Green Clay, Kelp extract, organic therapeutic essentials oils of Lavender, Lemongrass.

Lip Balm
Rich luxurious lip balm made with Gulf Coast Salt, Lavender, Lemongrass, and Peppermint.

How supplied

Face Care Kit contains:  1oz Face Wash, 1oz Face Mist, 1oz Face Cream, .05oz Face Serum, 1oz Face Clay, 0.15oz Lip Balm.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz


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