Cast Iron Skillet Cleaner (2oz glass jar)


Whenever I’m around friends and cook with my cast iron skillet and pots, I’m asked how I clean them. Well now, all you have to do is buy a jar of my cleaner. Scrape out the large particles, use a small dab of this cleaner with a cloth (doesn’t work on a sponge) and rub in a circular motion all along the front, sides, and back of cast iron pot or skillet and then rinse with the water as warm as you can stand.
Make sure you dry the skillet with a cloth and you got it; a seasoned pan clean and ready for the next meal.


Use: Use a small amount with a cloth, (it will NOT work with a sponge) rub in skillet with cloth and rinse with warm water and dry. Our products are made without harsh chemicals so please use extra care with items that can become exposed to contaminates by not properly applying.
Ingredients: Made with Halite salt, organic carrier oils and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.
How Supplied: 2oz glass jar

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Weight 16 oz


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