PH and the Pickett House History

1999PH-003The PH® and PHbotanical® stands for the Pickett House, a Bed and Breakfast seven miles off the coast of Massachusetts, in a small town called Chilmark on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. But let me start from the beginning…

I was raised in the country with family recipes, and real homemade and homegrown food. We had a menagerie of chickens, horses, cows, as well as stray bobcats, snakes and alligators that all made their way to our home as I grew up in Sarasota, Florida.

1992-04-02MillerLiteCOMFor thirty five years my professional background and expertise has been in the field of skin care, hair and design. This took me around the globe working with actors and models, producing fashion shows and teaching classes on professional hair, makeup and design. Moving to Los Angeles as a young woman and having those experiences, to watch and be part of creating a photo shoot, a commercial, a feature film or an MTV spot is incredible and thrilling, it was the greatest job I could have imagined. When I became a mother I made the decision to be present for my children. I transitioned from working as a full-time professional artist in the film industry to a part -time independent artist in Massachusetts. It is there, on the island that in 1996 our family home became a Bed & Breakfast called the Pickett House.

1995-04CodyLauren-001Los Angeles, California, the film industry was a wonderful experience though I did not feel the amount of hours I had to work was a good environment for my children and I wanted more for them. Here I found it, a home where I could work having more time to be a mother and raise my two incredible children. A healthy island environment full of natural minded Yankee fisherman and organic like-minded farmers and artists. In the summer season our guests for the bed and breakfast came year after year and were more like long lost friends returning to visit our little island each summer. I loved that the children experienced a range of cultures throughout the world with our guests, who were intelligent and engaging on many topics from their own countries. In winter when the island tourist left we had the island life to ourselves roaming the beach and nature trails, lots of reading and the bed and breakfast now just a home again, with wonderful neighbors and school activities… until the summer season came rolling around again.

IMG_8240WEBOn Martha’s Vineyard, the children and I expanded the garden. We raised organic herbs and vegetables for our guest and ourselves along with a small farmer stand on the road. We learned how to run a bed and breakfast and we had time to be a family. As for my artistic profession, it was the perfect spot. Martha’s Vineyard is close to both NYC and Boston for working part time in the film business, thus it became our home for 18 years. The children grew up; it was a wonderful time in a magical place.

It was at the Pickett House that I started making skin products and home cleaning products that we now call PH® and PHbotanical®.

This really all started from questions I had about the products I bought and used professionally and personally in Los Angeles. My two favorite classes when I was in young girl in school were chemistry and art so I truly enjoy the process of merging this two in our products. Family, neighbors, and bed and breakfast guests were so very supportive with the products I made for them that I decided to make it a business.

AND the next adventure has begun. We moved the family owned company to my hometown of Sarasota, Florida.

What started the business of PHbotanical was the birth of two children. Now their grown and we run PHbotanical together. My first child Robert now takes the lead in decision making and “corporate” meetings, my daughter Lauren is the head of social media and advertisements. I’m head of the “PH lab”. We make our products in small batches and their handmade by us. We like it that way…It’s so rewarding when people return for a product and say they can tell the difference in their skin. I believe we need to be aware of the food and products we buy today and where they came from. I also believe beauty is what you do with your life, your environment and people around you.

PHbotanical is located in Elizabeth’s hometown of Sarasota Florida.

IMG_0277 copy



Robert and Lauren at our “Corporate” meeting in Utah.*meeting should always include a hike!


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