Aloe Vera: The Powerhouse Plant-Based Healing

Revered as the “plant of immortality” in ancient Egypt, aloe vera has a variety of medicinal benefits ranging from the alleviation of joint and muscle tension, management of arthritis pain, prevention of oxidative stress, strengthening of cardiovascular function, deterrence of cancer growth and regulation of blood sugar levels, to name a few.

This wellness-enhancing succulent has been used to increase the lifespan of humanity for over 6,000 years. A native of Sudan, aloe vera grows best in warm and arid regions with abundant exposure to sunlight. Because this plant is low-maintenance to care for and versatile in usage, it’s popular among naturopaths and healers who cultivate their own homeopathic remedies from the amino acid rich gel inside its leaves.

When extracted in pure form, this gel can soothe multiple skin abrasions and conditions like dermatitis, acne, rashes, wrinkles, sunburns, inflammation and psoriasis. Its moisturizing, exfoliating and deep nourishing properties make aloe vera a strong active ingredient in natural skincare products. The vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids and 18 essential amino acids penetrate the skin at a cellular depth to restore a youthful, invigorated complexion.

At PHbotanical, we combine raw aloe vera extract with therapeutic-grade essential oils and organic herbal formulas to create skincare products that revolutionize health and vibrancy. We are passionate about helping our customers experience the highest degree of wellness to transform their quality of life and feel confident in their own appearance. Whatever your age or skin type, you deserve to glow from the inside out!

Clean Water Is Life…But It’s Getting Harder to Find

Although 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, National Geographic reports that only about 2.5% is freshwater. And of that small percentage, just .007% is readily accessible to be divided amongst the world’s 6.8 billion people. In the United States, this might sound like an issue far removed from our lives, but in reality, the shortage of clean and safe water is a global crisis that affects many developing nations.

Our first step is recognizing the importance of advocacy. Because the shortage of clean water has social, public health, economic, political and environmental repercussions, we must raise awareness in our communities and beyond. Conserving the water supply reduces our carbon footprint and ensures that more of this resource can be distributed to areas in desperate need of it.

The United States Geological Survey estimates the average American uses 80–100 gallons of water on a daily basis. However, we can counteract this trend with simple efforts like investing in energy-efficient faucets, limiting shower time, using the tap sparingly while brushing teeth or washing dishes, moderating the sprinkler cycles or harvesting rainwater, to name a few ideas. Not only do these initiatives make us more responsible citizens, they can also improve the well-being of humanity, both in our neighborhoods and across the globe.

From a consumer standpoint, the first ingredient in health-conscious, eco-friendly products should always be clean water. At PHbotanical, we understand this, and we practice it firsthand. We’re passionate about clean water because we know it leads to a safer world. With this in mind, each of our skincare products is formulated with the purest water available, in addition to many other natural and organic ingredients like therapeutic-grade essential oils and plant-based, nutrient-dense extracts. It’s all part of our commitment to nourishing people and sustaining the planet!

Peppermint: A Seasonal Treat for the Senses

When that distinctive, winter-fresh aroma of peppermint wafts across your senses, almost on instinct, the holidays come to mind. This nostalgic fragrance evokes memories of sipping hot cocoa around an evergreen tree, reunited with family members you haven’t seen in awhile, basking in the love, peace and unity this season tends to bring.

As we approach this special time of year, we’ve got peppermint on the brain here at PHbotanical, but did you know that, in addition to being a seasonal favorite, this essential oil has numerous health benefits too? In fact, evidence of its medicinal function dates back to 1,000 BC where it was used by ancient civilizations from the Greeks and Egyptians to the Chinese and Japanese.

Considered one of the most versatile oils on earth, peppermint yields a calming effect on both the mind and body to restore a harmonious, energetic balance whenever life gets stressful, hectic or difficult to manage. In addition to its aromatherapy uses, peppermint is also a beneficial adjunct to your skincare regimen. Its dominant antimicrobial, antiseptic and antioxidant properties are highly effective in cooling the skin which can soothe inflamed pores and adjust oil secretion levels to prevent acne breakouts. Peppermint can also treat cracked or flaky skin which makes it a powerful ingredient in lip balm.

We’re all about an essential oil that can stir our senses with “sugarplum” fantasies and holiday cheer, while enhancing our wellness at the same time. For these reasons and more, peppermint is a major component in our handcrafted skincare products––especially our Black Rose Mint line. We use organic, therapeutic-grade essential oil for the most luxurious feel, radiant appearance and deep-penetrating results. So, if you want to experience glowing skin–both during the holidays and all year-round, give peppermint a shot!

Good Things Come to those Who Sweat…

…And I’m not specifically talking about physical sweat here. Sure, keeping our bodies active and in shape is important for maintaining a balanced lifestyle, but “sweat” is more than just logging miles on the treadmill or pumping iron in the weight room.
Sweat is the commitment, perseverance and exertion it takes to unlock your passions, chase after your goals and make them a reality. This kind of sweat requires a holistic connection of the mind, body and spirit working in tandem to keep you grounded, focused and tuned into those innermost desires which reveal your truest self.
After all, the dreams and pursuits that light our souls on fire and make our hearts skip a beat are the ones we have to strive the hardest for in life. It’s about the hustle, that day-to-day, moment-to-moment dedication toward bettering ourselves, choosing the difficult path of growth and introspection over the familiar road of security and comfort, doing something right now to benefit the future of humanity.
Whether your passion is advocating for social justice, campaigning for environmental awareness, promoting health and wellness, teaching the younger generation or anything in between, the most essential component to being a success, impacting others and making a difference in your life mission is to sweat. Urge yourself past the limiting thoughts or beliefs hindering your progress and jump headfirst into whatever you feel most alive doing. With a fire blazing in your spirit and sweat dripping from your forehead, you could change the world someday.
So what is the driving force in your own life? It’s time to find out and start getting sweaty!


All About Black Pepper

IMG_2983 copy copy(Spoiler Alert: it’s not just some boring old condiment!)

Black pepper is one of the most recognizable and commonly used spices on earth, but did you know it can also be made into an essential oil? Not just a seasoning that adds flavor and zest to your meals, black pepper also offers a variety of wellness benefits for the entire body.

The main active ingredient, peperine, has been found to regulate the digestive tract, protect cells from oxidizing, lower cholesterol, jumpstart the metabolism, soothe chronic aches and pains, increase circulation, and detoxify the organs and bloodstream.

Due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, black pepper essential oil is an effective adjunct to your skincare regimen too. The nutrients in black pepper, such as phosphorus, calcium, manganese, potassium, iron, selenium, and Vitamins A and K, fight against wrinkling, reduced elasticity and the overall skin degeneration that can occur with aging. In addition, black pepper stimulates the body’s sweat glands which removes toxic waste to cleanse the pores and decrease inflammation.

These benefits all combine to give you a vibrant complexion, while optimizing health throughout your entire system. Adding this essential oil to your skincare routine can help you both look and feel nourished and rejuvenated from the inside out. At PHbotanical, our Black Rose Mint products are formulated with organic, therapeutic-grade black pepper essential oil. Not only does this create an intoxicating spicy aroma, but it also makes the whole skincare line an anti-aging powerhouse for that youthful appearance we all desire.

So next time you assume black pepper is nothing more than a condiment on your dinner table, think again! Its zesty fragrance, versatile uses and wide range of health properties give this essential oil a permanent slot on our ranking of favorite ingredients here at PHbotanical!

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