PHbotanical is a family owned business and we proudly formulate, produce, design and package PHbotanical products in the united States of America. I began creating products for my children that wasn’t harmful for them to use, and for me to clean our home with…and that is how PHbotanical was born. Now it’s a family business. Elizabeth Pickett Gray – Founder and formulator of PHbotanical(R)

“For thirty-two years, my professional background and expertise has been in the field of skin care, hair, clothing and design.

At a hair show in New York City in 1976, I was introduced to the world of fashion. I then attended Woody’s fashion Institute in Orlando Florida, one of the foremost schools of cosmetology, make up artistry and design. After earning a degree, I was catapulted into the arena of creativity, beauty, and fashion and moved to Los Angles, CA. This took me around the globe working as a Hairstylist and Makeup Artist doing photo shoots, commercials, films and music videos. I have owned salons and spas, produced fashion shows, and taught classes in professional hair and make-up.

As I learned observing generations of my family, two principles guide me to this day.

  • One is to be mindful of what I eat, use and buy. It was instilled in me to acquire well made, high quality products: unprocessed, unrefined, pesticide and additive free.
  • The other principal is to consider how my work could influence those around me.

After Los Angels, I moved my family to Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts and opened a bed and breakfast, “The Pickett House” and then a Salon and Spa “The Barn” in a bucolic setting in Chilmark. I belong to a community of people who eat organically, seasonally and locally, are environmentally conscious and concerned about our impact on the planet.

It was a natural segue to create my own product line for my family and to offer it to clients and guests. How we care for ourselves today has a huge impact on how we look and will feel, for the rest of our life.

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