Road Trips & Re-Con Missions: The Stuff that Summer is Made of

IMG_0060 copySummer is the quintessential time of year for road trips, and I just returned from one that took me all around the Southeast. My two-week adventure began in Savannah, Georgia, then continued on to Charleston, South Carolina, and Asheville, North Carolina, before reaching the final destination of New Orleans, Louisiana. These charming Southern landmarks are known for their unique culture, inviting atmosphere and rich history that dates back to the eighteenth century during colonial America.

Exploring these cities is like turning back time and visiting a different era where a fast-paced lifestyle just doesn’t exist, and simple pleasures are not overlooked or taken for granted. Walking through the cobblestone streets of Charleston and Savannah, past horse-drawn carriages and antebellum mansions, I felt a profound sense of relaxation that’s all too often missing from this accelerated, ultra-modern world we live in. Perusing the vibrant art scene of downtown Asheville, tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains, I was filled with natural wonder and creative inspiration. Then, during my last stop in New Orleans, I couldn’t resist immersing myself in the exhilarating jazz beats and mouth-watering Cajun cuisine this festive city is known for.

This trip was a much-needed opportunity to unplug from the hectic routines of everyday life and reconnect with a slower, calmer state of being. However, sometimes you need to mix business with pleasure, and that’s part of the reason I choose to visit these specific locales. During my two-week jaunt through the Southeast, I was also scouting out potential boutiques to sell PHbotanical products in. The search was geared toward exclusive stores that share the eclectic PHbotanical vibe earthy, organic and locally-owned with a deep commitment to serving their communities and enhancing the wellness of their customers.

That’s the heart behind PHbotanical, and we’re always seeking out other likeminded businesses to partner with in that mission. Stay tuned over these next several months as we aim to expand and introduce even more people to the benefits of organic, handcrafted skincare. And here’s to the “last hurrah” of your summer travels, wherever they might take you!

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